Here you will find some of the projects I've been working on.

Primal Light soundtrack study

The idea of this project was to compose a different soundtrack and also to learn more about SFX sync. The soundtrack was created using Ableton Live, along with great synth plugins such as Serum, Diva and Hive. The music is mostly ambient, which combined with the game mood. The SFX were done layers of SFX samples, and it was very interesting to notice how it gave more "life" to the game.

Steamworld Heist soundtrack study

This is another study where I composed a more electronic soundtrack, with a nice groove. It was created using Ableton Live along with drum samples and synth plugins, such as Hive, Diva, Serum and Sylenth.

The SFX part was again a traning, since I had only the gameplay video and had to sync the SFX and the soundtrack to it. Designing the characters' voices was very interesting!

Still Searching song

This song is present in the Welcome To A New Place album (you can listen the full album on Spotify). It is a song composed almost 20 years ago, and the idea was to create a light and relaxing track. Back then my main equipments were a Korg X3, Roland JX-305 and Korg Electribe ES-1.

The video was a collection of several drone footages which helps to relax and bring a sense of peace.

Celestial song

This song is part of the album 'Back Home' (you can listen to the full album on Spotify). This song was composed in 2016, and is a reflection of a very sad period of my life, where everything was changing so fast, and beloved ones were going away.

The idea of the video is to bring a sensation of connection to heaven. That was my way of dealing with grief.